Commercial Drivers Arrested for DUI

The NJ DUI laws and penalties are as severe for commercial drivers in New Jersey, just as they are for regular New Jersey drivers. If you are an over the road driver, long-haul or short, you need to call me right away to discuss your NJ DUI case and plan for your DUI defense. If this is a first DUI offense, it is vitally important to do everything possible to avoid a guilty plea or DUI conviction. In addition to the penalties for the DUI conviction, you will lose your CDL for one year; a second DUI offense, and you will lose your CDL for life.

The opportunity exists to challenge your DUI charges and defend your rights, livelihood, and your freedom, but you must act fast, and call my office today. I will need to review the entire Discovery in the NJ case, including the DUI arrest report, NJ field sobriety testing, Alcotest result, and videotape if one exists. I also may retain, on your behalf, professional DUI experts that will review the NJ breath test procedures and results, and possibly testify on your behalf, in an effort to invalidate the results and have the NJ DUI charges dismissed.

Call me right now for a free consultation to discuss your case if you have been arrested for a DUI. You can’t afford not to speak to a NJ DWI attorney today. I offer convenient payment plans, accept all major credit cards, and will provide you with the personal, professional, aggressive and experienced NJ representation that you require.

Please call me now for a free DWI case consultation at 888-839-4529.