DUI Punishments

In New Jersey

The DUI punishments facing people charged with drinking and driving in NJ are not light. Drivers face the loss of their NJ license, the impounding of their vehicle, stiff monetary fines and having their driving record tarnished for life. Because the NJ penalties and the charge of a DUI are so serious, the state of NJ must prove several important things before issuing a punishment for any suspect DUI driver.

NJ DUI punishments are handed down after a successful prosecution by the state of NJ. The state of NJ generally follows two methods of seeking a successful DUI conviction. They either must prove that the DUI suspect was impaired in their ability to drive or must prove that the suspect had a blood alcohol level of more than 0.08% if they were 21 years old or more. It can be difficult for the state of NJ to prove these elements but if they do, then several DUI punishments face the defendant in NJ.

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