DWI Defense for Drugs

In New Jersey

DWI for Drugs

DWI for drugs arrests in New Jersey often raise a number of Constitutional issues. We evaluate the constitutionality of the stop of your motor vehicle, and subsequent search and seizure, as well as police conduct in regard to the handling of any evidence collected. Since it is not uncommon for police to find drugs after pulling a car over for DWI, we look at whether police had probable cause in the first place to stop your car, and subsequently search your vehicle. The Police cannot search or look through your car, just because they pulled you over, any drugs must be in “plain view” in order to be confiscated, and if there is an illegal search, we can move to have any confiscated drug evidence thrown out by the judge.

The penalties for Driving Under the Influence of drugs, including an illegal narcotic, hallucinogenic or prescription drugs are the same as for DWI, however the Court must prove by competent legal evidence through the testimony of a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE), not merely by proving the presence of drugs in your system. It is important that you retain a lawyer that is familiar with all these procedures, and is capable of aggressively challenging the State’s evidence. I am that attorney, and my pledge to you is to provide the fullest and fairest defense to all charges, not just to plead you guilty. I want to fight for you.

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