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As the founding member of Garber Law Offices LLC, Steven M. Garber is a NJ Drunk Driving DWI attorney with a focus on defending NJ DWI cases throughout the entire State of New Jersey. You are in need of an experienced and aggressive New Jersey DUI lawyer, and I am available to meet or speak with you right now. Please browse the attorney resources on this site regarding NJ DWI law. There are numerous DWI and related legal descriptions, statutory DWI law references, summaries of DWI law in New Jersey, and a quick NJ DWI attorney contact form that you may use that will enable me to quickly assess the facts of your DWI case so that we may begin to formulate a strategy for the defense of your DWI charges.

I am a DWI attorney practicing in all 566 DWI Courts in NJ. If you are charged with DWI in NJ, you are presumed innocent until proven guilty. The State of NJ has the responsibility to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt…call me right now to discuss your DWI case, and learn what I can do as your attorney to prevent or limit the severe penalties that come with a conviction for DWI in NJ. As a lifelong resident of NJ, I am familiar with and have appeared in hundreds of Courts across the numerous Counties in the NJ state, defending the rights of the criminally accused, and members of my family have been representing defendants and the accused in the Municipal Courts of NJ, since 1929.

The Internet can be a wonderful source of information, but it can also be a place where things can appear to be something they are not. It is important in this difficult time that you receive the best possible NJ attorney representation. Join the extensive list of satisfied and relieved clients that I have represented by calling me right now so I can begin fighting for your rights, your NJ driving privileges and your freedom.

Call me today for a free DWI attorney consultation about your case, so that we may begin your NJ DWI defense today. Put your mind at ease. I offer convenient payment plans, accept all major credit cards, and will provide you with the personal, professional, aggressive and experienced NJ DWI attorney representation that you require.

Please email me or call me now for a free New Jersey lawyer consultation at 888-839-4529.