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Wildwood City, New Jersey

If you have been arrested for DUI / DWI in Wildwood City, New Jersey, you need an experienced and aggressive DWI lawyer like Steven Garber to fight for you. Mr. Garber has been a defense attorney in New Jersey for over 15 years and knows what to do in the case of a DUI/DWI. Please contact our NJ DUI/DWI defense law office today to schedule a confidential consultation. We serve clients in Wildwood City Township, Cape May County and the entire state of New Jersey.

Mr. Garber has been a practicing New Jersey DWI defense attorney for over 15 years and knows what needs to be done to protect your rights and save your driver’s license. A DUI or DWI charge is serious business that negatively affects your family, your job, your finances and your reputation. Mr. Garber knows New Jersey DUI law inside and out, and knows exactly what to do to keep you out of jail. Please contact our office, so Mr. Garber can hear the details of your case and decide how to proceed further. For over fifteen years, he has devoted his entire practice to defending New Jersey residents, just like you, who have been charged with a drinking and driving-related offense. Please call him today. (888-839-4529)

We offer convenient payment plans, accept all major credit cards, and will provide you with the personal, professional, aggressive, and experienced NJ DWI attorney representation that you require.

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Township of Wildwood City
115 West Davis Ave.
Wildwood,  NJ 08260
Phone: (609) 522-4924

New Jersey DWI Lawyer Steven Garber practices DWI / DUI defense in all of the cities and towns in Cape May County, New Jersey:

For residents and vacationers alike, the Wildwood City Boardwalk comes to life from early Spring until late Fall and the town wakes up as the extreme excitement abounds. Vacationers traveling to Wildwood for a day, week, or for the summer start feeling the exhilaration as soon as they step foot onto the Boardwalk. This is a place that the kids will talk about for a long time.

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