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What our DWI Defense Lawyers Can Do For You

Call my office and speak with me directly to discuss your NJ DWI case right now. I am happy to engage you in a free telephone consultation or in person if possible, at no cost to you. I will explain more about the process of contesting your NJ DWI charges, how the process works, and what you can expect.

I will also explain to you my fee structure, what the fees include, and discuss with you the availability of convenient credit card payments, in addition to cash, check and money order, as well as manageable payment plans.

The most important the part of the process is that you receive strong, competent and aggressive legal representation, not only for a good and fair price, but whose goal is to fully protect your rights throughout the process. If requested, you can even speak to former NJ DWI clients whose cases I have handled, and whom I have been successful in having their NJ DWI charges dismissed based on faulty Alcotest readings, improper motor vehicle stops by the police, lack of consent with regard to a Refusal charge, and countless other successful results which enabled my clients to retain their NJ driving privileges entirely or drastically reduce their suspensions, and kept them out of jail.

Call me now and let me fight for you.

Please email me or call me now for a free drunk driving consultation at 888-839-4529.